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Hakeem Anderson-Lesolang is not without his flaws but he refuses to let a moment define a

It's sexy. 200 TRUTHS ABOUT LOVE is sexy and a love making to the mind and heart. An aide-menoire to the sapiosexual. A calling out of your excellence where love, loving & being loved is concerned and honestly a teacher on having game for your better half. Hakeem Anderson-Lesolang (FlexBoogie), a world class entertainer & travel enthusiast who prides himself with his "return to softness" is redefining black love with his truths. His #MelaninMusings, #Poetryality #BlkCrwn works already grace minds and hearts of women who invest in their becoming.This book fortifies your black magic. A necessity. The beautiful voodoo. These are 200 TRUTHS ABOUT LOVE

whole life of black love. Here, the BecauseBlack curator beams into the world ofliterature brilliantly with a garland of beautiful convictions 200 TRUTHS ABOUT LOVE is Hakeem Anderson-Lesolang's beautiful unravelling of a black man's self to black women. The poems and essays are full of confrontations, reminders and motivations of the best we are, even when everything around us would convince us otherwise In a world dead set on making certain young black women & men remain on a back foot where self-love & critical thinking is concerned, here's a book with daily affirmations, assurances and a prompting to believe in and become the best one must be. For themselves first.

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The Saxons long and long ago got up the delightful occasion. Amongst the ancient Saxons and Teutons a beverage was made of honey and water, and sometimes flavored with mulberries. This drink was used especially at weddings and the after festivals. These festivals were kept up among the nobility sometimes for a month--"monath." The "hunig monath" was thus established, and the next moon after the marriage was called the honeymoon.

Alaric, about the fifth century king of the Saxons and Western Goths, is said to have actually died on his wedding night from drinking too freely of the honeyed beverage,--at least he died before morning,--and it certainly would seem to be a charitable inference to draw, since he partook very deeply of the "festive drink." It was certainly a sweet oblivion, "yet it should be a warning to posterity, as showing that even bridegrooms may make too merry."


The Story Behind The Book

The story behind the book is I was urged [forced & threatened] by my following and family to write. I have a great fondness for the world of amazing minds and incredibly great hearts who have pushed me to do this though because as much as my melanin musings and GMLDaily series has helped them through, putting the work out at that rate has healed me as a young black man traversing life.

I’d like it to motivate self-love at a real and beautiful level of awareness. I feel like a lot of times people know how to love others and hardly themselves and that bring about this great confusion in loving people and getting it wrong. I’m of the belief that to love the next person right, to give of yourself to the next person the right way, you must know how to do that for yourself first.


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